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Our Mission

The primary mission of Grace n’ Care is to deliver a customized and individualized home healthcare and personal care assistants "PCA" services to our clients in their own homes. An environment they are most familiar with and in which they are most comfortable.

Grace n’ Care is committed to safeguarding and upholding the rights of individuals with health challenges or any form of disabilities by facilitating individualized care plans. We promote and make  choices available, providing services in a most conducive and least restrictive environment. 

We promote personal responsibility, and actively engage in continuing education to benefit the clients we serve. At  Grace n’ Care LLC our single most important goal is to work together as a team to meet the healthcare and individual needs of our clients recognizing that our clients are by far our most important commitment.

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Alzheimer's Care

At Grace n' Care we provide specialized memory care services. One of the best ways to care for our loved one is in their home.  We understand that patients like the familiarity of their home, and the safety it brings.

At Grace n' Care  we asses and make care plans according to the need of our patients. Alzheimer's patients particularly those in the early and middle stages of the illness can be cared for at home instead of nursing homes or other facilities.


Having someone around as a companion can help with certain household chores, such as setting out clothes before a shower or just spending time with our loved one.

Physical Assistance

Providing physical assistance with laundry, cooking, feeding, bathing, and dressing. Assisting client to and from appointments which helps our client to meet their daily activities. 

Hospice Care

It is very stressful when you are caring for a loved one during pain,  a severe illness or  end-of-life care.

Grace n' Care can provide support during those trying times to give you a break from the day to day activities. assigning a caregiver that will carry-out all daily task from light housekeeping to meal preparation, Grace n' Care  caregivers and staff will provide support during trying times.

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and they take their services serious !

Betty H

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